My Story

Storing Bees is all we do. It isn’t what I’ve always done, but storing bees has become my full time focus. My education, experience and interests have all aligned in helping me learn the best ways to store bees. How could I have known that following my dreams would change an entire industry.


In 2016 we built the first commercial bee storage in Twin Falls, Idaho. We weren't the first to store bees indoors, but we were the first to do it on such a large scale. We invested in the best custom steel buildings with the most accurate cooling  systems. The results have changed how beekeepers all over the world think about overwinter bees. We have designed, built and/or consulted on more than a dozen different bee storage projects. We have personally stored over 500,000 hives and helped customers store more than 200,000 hives in 6 years of business, making us the undisputed experts in bee storage. Let us use our experience to help you protect your bees.

I will forever be grateful to Thomas Honey Farms that brought the idea to me and helped us figure out our first project. If it weren’t for their innovative ideas and generosity, My family's future and the entire Apiary Industry would not be as bright.